FOX (Vulpes v.)

Organization and shooting fee  20 EURO/animal

It looks like, besides stealing domestic birds from people courtyards and annoying badgers in their den, the fox occupies all the rest of it’s time with fashion shows, exhibiting it’s own hide, back and forth, under the nose of the hunter, happening to be in the field with serious business…Like on the catwalk…

Hunting the fox can be done all year long, if we know your intention to shoot a fox while hunting for other species of animals, we will organize the hunt that way; the fox comes out always in the drive hunts, in lower areas, for birds and hare; we can organize separate fox hunts for the interested hunters.

We do not encourage photos taken with the animal around the neck of the hunter or held in arms, experienced hunters may know the reason. Often repeated checking for health of the specie, that we do in our areas as a big part of the conservation program, reveal no rabies in our fox population.