The irresistible call of the surrounding wilderness…

Passion… Courage… Tradition… Legacy…

Hunting is all this and furthermore it is a fight for existence and addiction and bravery, a rational act, many memories. Turning into an escape from the sometimes hostile daily chores, in spite of all possible dangers, hunting is relaxation, initiation, purpose and endless knowledge.

Romania is in present times the European country with the richest hunting grounds, exceptional population and quality of game. Over 7.000 bears, over 150.000 roe deer, over 50.000 wild boar … and long time extinct from many other countries, the wolf.

Romania is also the country with most of gold medals won for trophies presented at international trophy shows since 1930. We still keep four homologated world records: chamois (Carpathian subspecies), wolf hide, bear hide and wild cat skull. We are very proud that many of our national trophy records come from our area.

Hunting is for us past, tradition, civilization, a rational act, with gun in hand, to maintain the ecological balance in our areas. A passion that survives time passing, the place where no one has positions or jobs, we are all equal. We have the chance, today, to reach and keep up places where only kings or state leaders had access, not long ago.

We invite you, dear hunters from the big world, to try together to keep the beauty of this corner on Earth, one we want to cultivate and bring to your knowledge and love. With fair chase hunting, in our open range only territories, let’s reward the loss brought by our bullet with tenfold care, guarding and preservation of our game.