WOLF (Canis l.)

Organization and shooting fee 400 EURO/animal
Wounding/Losing charge 100 EURO/animal

Protected species through international conventions, the wolf and the lynx can be hunted in Romania with special authorization. The meeting “of a life time”,for many hunters, with this animals is favored by our undisturbed, “virgin” forests. The wolf, in his long movings around, will for sure go through them, the lynx has found peaceful, steep areas for his den. We cannot, though, guarantee the hunts for wolf and lynx.

Trophies consist of the skulls and the hides. Evaluation and scoring are done following CIC rules; the method for the skull being similar to the one used for all other animal skulls, width added to length will determine the final score; see the links for scoring of hides.

Wolf hide scoring …

Medals for wolf:

Medal Skull(CIC points) Hide(CIC points)
Bronze Medal 37.00-38.99 100.00-109.99
Silver Medal 39.00-40.99 110.00-119.99
Gold Medal above 41.00 above 120.00