WILD BOAR (Sus scrofa attila L.)


Males - trophy fees:

Average length of tusks in cm Trophy fee in Euro Adittional fee for 1 mm over the length listed (Euro/mm)
Up to 12 inclusiv 300 -
Above 12 500 +10 Euro/mm
Above 15 800 +15 Euro/mm
Above 20 1550 +30 Euro/mm
Above 25 3050 +60 Euro/mm

For example, 22 cm average length of tusks on a wild boar trophy will determine a fee of 850 Euro.

Females :

  • shooting fee – drive hunt …………………………………………………..  200 de Euro/piesă
  • shooting fee – stalking or baited hunt …………………………………. 300 de Euro/piesă

Piglets: (determined by maximum 60 kg weight) :

  • shooting fee ……………………………………………………………………….100 de EURO/piesă

Fee for wounded trophy: 300 Euro.

The organization fee for a day of baited or stalking hunting for wild boar is 100 Euro/hunter.

The organization fee for a day of drive hunting for wild boar is 1000 Euro/group of hunters.

The above organization fees include technical assistance of our hunting guides during the hunt and transportation in the hunting area. Meals are also included in the drive hunting fee.

About our wild boars

Poezie_mistret_argint_enA prince from the East with a fondness for hunting

through forests of darkness was trudging his way. While striving and toiling a pathway to render, a flute he was playing and this he would say:

- Oh come, let us hunt in mysterious forests the silver-tusked boar that is stalwart and sly;[…]

Fragment from “The Silver-tusked boar” by Ştefan Augustin Doinaş

Leaving our comments about goals in any domain and sacrifices taken to reach them, for the last evening’s dinner party, at his time we suggest you:

  • All hunters are princes through their passion… We treat you likewise…
  • The forests in our areas are the least penetrated in the entire district of Mures, but our pathways and hunting trails are permanently taken care of…
  • It is normal to sing while admiring the beauty of nature, but please don’t do it in the blinds or high seats…
  • We raise our standard from the silver tusked boars to the gold tusked ones, same fierce, but bigger…

ico_youtubeDescover more videos on our Youtube Channel

We fed the wild boars, in the quiet of our forests, trying to keep them away from damaging the crops; where we had good and constant presence of the animals we built blinds, we have now 16 of them. And all are, to our surprise, year by year, active.

Baited hunting is the method we use with best results for individual, trophy wild boar hunting. The optimum period for this hunt starts at the end of September and ends in February 15, with the closing of the season. Based on available licences, you may reserve a combined individual hunt for bear and wild boar,from September to December, when the bear season ends.

Drive hunting in mountain areas requests a serious amount of effort, many beaters, lots of work, on steep and vast terrain. The stands are at large distances one from the other, set where wild boars are passing. We recommend this method to groups of at least 6 hunters, though we had good results with fewer. The organisation fee stays the same indifferent how many hunters in the group, being the fair cost of organizing the drives, all transportation, paying the approx. 20 beaters and the catering services out in the field. The best season for drive hunting the wild boar is November to February.

From October to the end of December we organize upon request mixed drives for bear and wild boar.

In days with snow on the ground, our hunting guides may offer you as an alternative to the individual evening baited hunt, a morning stalk in the forests, following the fresh tracks of the retreated wild boars, in order to get close to their sleeping place. It is a very beautiful and sportive hunt. We are used to having snow already at the end of October.

Wild boar trophy measurements:

  • to establish the fee: the average length of the lower tusks measured in centimeters, with 1 mm precision, will be aplied to the price scale.
  • for a medal, following CIC rules, the trophy will get points based on the length and width of weapon tusks, the circumference of the sharpening tusks, adding beauty points for the symmetry and the curve of the tusks.

Medals based on score:

Medal Score(CIC points)
Bronze Medal 110,00 – 114,99
Silver Medal 115,00 – 119,99
Gold Medal above 120,00

As a conclusion, a male from a herd, with tusks of 20 cm in average length, not broken, symmetrical, is a gold medal trophy. What than, to be said about the big, old, retreated from herds, lone wild boars, in our higher mountain areas ?

We invite you … to help us answer the above question !