ROE DEER (Capreolus capreolus L.)


Weight of trophy (g) Fee (Euro/trophy) Additional fee for each 10 grams over the weight listed (Euro/10g)
Up to 300g 225 -
From 300g 300 4,5
From 350g 450 5
From 400g 700 9
From 450g 1150 12
From 501g-550g 1750 23
Above 550g 2900 30

Fee for wounded trophy: 150 Euro.
Selection: from 250 Euro.

The organization fee for one hunt (2 hunts/day can be organized if needed) is 100 Euro. Includes the assistance of a hunting guide and every means of transportation in the hunting area. If no bucks provided, the fee is 50 Euro for that hunt.

About our roe deers

End of May, than June, July, August…

The hunter’s eye is more and more attracted by the infinite tints of green in the surrounding nature. Rests there, and then invariably, slides towards the gun rack. Desire is born…

Roe buck hunting. But where?, when?, how?, guarantees?, professionalism?…normal pop up questions we might have an answer for, on this page !

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Genesis Hunting Association invites you roe deer hunting in its areas, from 15 May to 15 February, as follows:

Hunting for: Season: Best period:
Trophy buck 15 May – 15 October 15 July – 31 August

Among the approximately 1000 deer we have, yearly, in our care, you‘ll find, beside exceptional trophies, the abnormal trophies as well, bucks with permanent injuries, unique in their way, with broken antler bones, plus antler bones or the wig antlered ones.

Hunting for: Season: Best period:
Selection hunt, Abnormal trophy buck 15 May – 15 October 15 May – 15 October

For the shooting fee the hunter is entitled to take the entire animal, the trophy : cleaned skull with antlers, measured and scored; the skin for mounts (you will tell us your desire so we act accordingly) and the venison.

We organize selection hunting for females and young ones from 1 September to 15 February, based on the shooting plan. There is a separate fee for shooting and if you want to take the animal there is a price for it, based on weight.

Most of roe deer hunting in our areas is done by stalking, where terrain allows us, we will ride in a carriage, or better and with less disturbance, in the horse drawn cart we use for feeding. Two hunts can be organized during the day, one early in the morning and the other in late afternoon. Baited hunting is the alternative method when weather is less favorable. We are familiar with the calling method also; this gives best results in the deer’s rut period, 15 July – 15 August. The hunter will be permanently assisted in the field by our guides.

Trophy scoring:

  • Trophy fees for bucks are established by the weight of the antlers and upper skull in grams. Weighing is done 24 hours after cleaning, a rebate of 90 grams is subtracted from the actual weight, as a further drying in time allowance. We apply the price scale to the final result.
  • The score for a buck trophy, according to CIC rules is established taking in measurement and consideration several elements of the trophy like the length of the antlers, the opening, the weight of the trophy, the volume of the antlers. Beauty points are added based on the opening, the color, pearls, the tips and the base of the antlers. The trophy may get penalized for its asymmetry.

The CIC score will determine the medal the trophy earns:

Medal based on final score Skull with antlers(CIC points)
Bronze Medal 105,00 – 114,99
Silver Medal 115,00 – 129,99
Gold Medal above 130,00