RED DEER (Cervus elaphus)


Weight of trophy (kg) Trophy fee (Euro/trophy) Additional fee for each 10 grams over the weight listed (Euro/10g)
Up to 3,00 (inclusive) 600 -
From 3,01 to 5,00 600 2
From 5,01 to 7,00 1500 5
From 7,01 to 8,00 2000 8
From 8,01 to 9,00 2800 12
From 9,01 to 10,00 4000 18
From 10,01 to 11,00 5800 25
From 11,01 to 11,50 8300 50
Above 11,50 10800 70

The organization fee for one hunt (2 hunts/day can be organized if needed) is 100 Euro/hunter. Includes the assistance of a hunting guide and every means of transportation in the hunting area. If no red stags provided the fee is 50 Euro for that hunt.

About our red deers

Red stag hunting … the absolute show of the surrounding nature … dark and light, the shadows in the forest, the very quiet, than sun and an explosion of autumn colors and the crude green of pines and the vibration of the forest when the stags roar, the sound of clashing in fierce battle … our list is endless, but … why not let you discover and see and taste and hear all this ?…


Genesis Hunting Association invites you red deer hunting in between 1 September and 15 February:

Hunting for: Season: Best period:
Trophy Red Stag 20 September – 15 November 20 September – 10 October
Selection Red Stag 1 September – 31 December 20 September – 10 October
Selection – females and young 1 September – 15 February 15 December – 15 February

Stag trophies taken in Genesis’s hunting areas:

The red stag trophy is the cleaned upper skull with antlers; upon request, the skin may be taken as well for mounting .

Females and young deer can be shot when we organize the selection hunting for the specie. The hunter may take the animals for a weight based, supplementary fee.

The traditional method of hunting red stags, stalking, the most sportive method of hunting between all, in our areas, since the capercaillie hunting is prohibited, requires very good physical condition, for the steep terrain. We combine this method with calling if provoking is necessary. Roaring period being very short nowadays, we would like to ask you to call us with your desire to hunt red stag, as early as possible, for good programming purpose.

For those who thought that red stag hunting is only beautiful memories or is just a nice dream, we have good news: we placed in our areas closed blinds at the winter feeding points, with easy access, to be able to manage and observe the game properly. Females and young deer are the used customers of this places, but bigger stags do not hesitate to show up either. This way we also have the possibility to lengthen the shooting period for stags, after roaring.

Red stag trophy measurement:

  • to establish the fee: the weight of the cleaned upper skull with antlers is measured. An allowance for further drying of the skull is deducted. The final weight is applied to the price scale.Please consult the annex bellow for the list of allowances.
  • CIC scoring: please find the evaluation file in the annex bellow.

Annex for red deer …

Medals for the red stag trophies:

Medal based on CIC score: CIC score:
Bronze medal 170.00-189.99
Silver medal 190.00-209.99
Gold medal above 210,00

Our main red deer area is bordering on the top of the mountain the area where the national record stag (263,5 CIC points) was shot in 2003 by a German hunter. Mures District also holds the 3rd place in the national record book with a stag shot in communist times in our areas, at Glodeni, scored 255,95 CIC points.